Fish…It should be “What’s for dinner”

So far, my posts have been written on days when I’m feeling philosophical and reflective on the lessons of my life.  Never do I feel motivated to start typing when I’m annoyed, frustrated or in any sort of sour mood.  Let’s turn the tables today, shall we?  It might be interesting.

I will be the first to admit that I can be selfish.  I don’t like to share food that I love.  I have the general say on how the house is decorated and I decorate it the way I want it.  I make probably 99% of the rules of the house.  However, I buy my kids things they want, even when I’m broke.  I clean the house, do the dishes, take care of the laundry, all without a complaint.  When the cat or dog makes a mess on a rug, who cleans it up?  Me.  Diapers need to be changed?  Me.  You need to take in food for a party at work?  I’ll make it.  Fine.  Great.  No problem. 

However, today, something as simple as my husband buying fish made me completely irritated.  Let’s start by saying, I only like fish on a plate.  To me, a fish cannot be played with.  It does not greet you at the door showing you how much it missed you.  It does not curl up next to you knowing that you’ve had a bad day.  Sure, they are lovely in the doctor’s office waiting room.  Beautiful at the pet shop.  I just don’t want a tank of them living in my house.  I made my case clear to my husband.  I do not want fish.  I won’t touch them and I won’t take care of them.  They are completely your responsibility.  After setting up the tank and putting the fish in, he proceeded to explain how I should help my daughter feed them.  No, no…I’m pretty sure you heard me the first five times.  Those are YOUR fish. 

Do you know what fish mean to me?  Another fire hazard full of wires plugged into a power strip.  Another energy sucking increase on the electric bill.  Another wallet draining resource.  And most importantly, surely a quick way to teach my children about the death of pets.  All in all, a waste of the few pennies I have.  Let’s remember, folks, I’m unemployed. 

Here’s my dilemma…is it really as bad as I think?  Will the kids still care about them next month?  Next week even?  Am I overreacting and this is a wonderful pet to have in the house?  Please, someone convince me.  All I see is another way to spend money that I don’t have.


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