Cleaning Out The Fridge

When I clean out my fridge, I consider it serious business.  It takes me all afternoon.  I inspect every expiration date, every piece of questionable produce and any food container that holds unidentifiable leftovers.  Everything is removed and the shelves are completely wiped clean.  Before restocking, I exchange old baking soda boxes for new ones.  That’s right…keepin’ it fresh. 

So, the past few days, I’ve taken the same approach to cleaning up my head.  I’m removing all those old ideas I had about who I am and how I want to write.  I’m wiping away all the grit and grime that has muddled up the person that I always have been.  All the worries, the bothersome guilt and the ridiculous idea that I have to be someone’s cookie cutter version of a professional have been scrubbed away. 

In the past week, I have discovered a plethora of women out there who are doing what they love and making no apologies.  They are reading, writing, blogging and saying whatever they want.  They are raw and brilliant and funny.  Some are silly, some are sweet and some swear like truck drivers and I am loving every one of them.  They are a true testament to the fact that I can be myself and not worry about the judgements that others will make. 

This is because there are people out there that will love you or like you or hate you.  And no matter what you try to be, or try to say, you can never…I repeat NEVER, make them all happy.  You can only hope that the ones who will like or love you will find you and they will be there to enjoy what you have to offer.  And if you can find some of those people on your own, you’ll start to see the domino effect of how they can lead to more people.

And when you’re done…grab a couple boxes of Arm N Hammer, you know, to keep it fresh.