I’m A Writer, Damnit…Part 2

Here’s some proof!

This is a free e-book offered on a website of someone I met on Twitter, Dave Ursillo.  Dave is a writer who has a fantastic site that concentrates on pieces that encourage happiness and inspiration in life.  This e-book was written collaboratively by myself and nine other incredible writers. 


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I’m a Writer, Damnit

I’ve been hesitating.

I’ve been hesitating and reading about other writers doing the same.  They wonder if they’ve spent enough hours or written enough pages.  They wonder if submitting a manuscript to an agent qualifies them.  Maybe it’s when they have published their first work as a book or magazine article.  How do we know when we are officially considered a “writer”? 

When you are hired for a job, you have a boss and a title.  You can say I’m an accountant.  I’m a mechanic.  I’m a sales clerk.  The definition of your job is usually pretty clear.  However, when you are your own boss, or you work from home with your own individual endeavors, it’s a bit more complicated.  It’s up to you to define yourself.  With writing, who’s to say what qualifies as a writer?  It seems that each and every writer has their own definition. 

Well, I’ve decided.  I’m a writer.  I’m a writer, damnit.  I. AM. A. WRITER.

I have two blogs.  I write articles for Associated Content and I just signed up to writer articles for Factoidz.  Because of Twitter, I have met many other writers, one of which has included me in a collaborative ebook that he is publishing due on Thanksgiving.  On top of that, I have taken on a proofreading project for another writer. 

So, I officially feel like a writer.  Today is the day I am announcing it to the world.  Okay..to my twelve readers of this blog.  But, to me, you are my world.  You are my audience.  And whether you are a million members or twelve, small and strong, I’m glad to have you see my start.  And I hope you’ll stick around for when it gets really good.  I am a writer.  I’m going to call myself a writer and keep telling myself I’m a writer.  It is now my profession.  

All I have to do now is start making money with it. 😉

I Find More of the Dork In Me

So, I spent some time designing a new blog.  That is part of the reason I hadn’t written in a bit.  The other reason is I took a break to take some time to figure out some direction in my writing.  They say write what you know, so what do I know?   

I received some advice from a friend and started to work on getting my thoughts in order.  I have a lot of great ideas for articles, so while I’m getting them on paper, I’m also trying to find the right forum for publication.  I’m currently on the hunt.  

Here’s what I have realized.  I love to research.  This very well could be the dorkiest thing about me.  Even worse than my near OCD organization skills.  I love to use books, magazines and mostly Google to find the information I need.  There is no stopping at one source, especially not the first source.  I read every word, click every link.  Over the years, I’ve developed an “I don’t even believe it if I see it” attitude towards information.  There’s just too much out there. 

I actually hunger for the best sources, digging them out like filling in a donut.  Making sure I get every last drop of knowledge.  There’s a certain sense of accomplishment when I’m done.  I can look at my notes and say “Yes, THIS is good.”  Then taking what I have learned and piecing it together to create one cohesive item.  I take pride in providing accurate information.  It seems it’s something that is becoming more and more rare.  There may be a time where there is too much information, but one thing that will never go out of style, is correct information.  I hope I’m there to be dishing out some of the best.  

I guess I have always known this about myself, but this is the first time I’m really enjoying what I’m researching.  It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself when you love what you are doing.     

Dear Blog…

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I visited you.  I really have missed you, but I have something to confess.  We have had some wonderful times these past few months.  You have made me grow in ways that I never imagined I could.  I have found there is a voice in me that has been dying to break out for years.  You have provided me with so much support that even my friends and complete strangers can look to you to see the newness in me.

It pains me to tell you this.  I’ve been cheating on you.  It’s a new relationship and I didn’t plan for it to happen.  One day I was surfing the interwebs when I saw a new page and my heart fluttered.  It was so unexpected.  I thought “How can I do this?”  But, I did it anyway.  And I have to say, I’m not sorry…I don’t regret it one bit. 

I’ve started a new blog and it’s completely different from you.  It’s caters to the parent in me.  The woman who wants to give advice and help others.  It has such wonderful potential, how could I say no? 

I think it’s only fair that you know who it is: http://allaboutmomsense.blogspot.com/

Please don’t be mad.  I know it’s not what we planned, but I still love you dearly.  You will always be my first and that is something truly meaningful to me.  And as long as you’ll have me, I’d like to still continue our relationship.  I know it’s not entirely conventional, but I think we can manage.  I will continue to give you the attention I have in the past as best I can.  You open doors for me that this new page could never do on its own. 

I want you to know how important you are to me.  Please don’t think that my love for you has diminished because it can only keep growing as I continue to visit and fill your pages.  It may be difficult to keep up with, but I know we can work it out. 

Love, Me