Give Your Guy a Break

One night, long ago, my boyfriend and I were getting ready to go out.  I spent quite a bit of time picking out the right outfit.  Took my time putting on the perfect make-up to compliment the clothes.  Then I worked on straightening my hair which takes at least 30 minutes.  This was a long awaited date and I wanted to get my look just right.

Seeing as he only takes five minutes to get ready to go anywhere, he was becoming impatient with me.  He paced up and down the stairs. 

“How much longer?” he would ask. 

“Just a few more minutes,” I would reply.

We did this several times until he came up the stairs and to the doorway to say he had been ready to go and we were going to be late. 

“Who would you like to go out with tonight?”  I snapped.  “The pretty girlfriend, or the ugly one?”

As he turned, I heard him mutter with exasperation, “Well, the ugly one is nicer.”


Moving On

So, I am working on de-stressing these days and getting my focus back into career mindedness.  It seems amazing to me the amount of housework one finds that needs to be done when faced with being home all day every day.  I sometimes wonder how I got any of it done when I was working for eight or more hours a day during the week. 

In preparing to search for a job, I find myself looking for work much more obscure than I have ever ventured into before.  It is obviously not easy to create a career out of thin air, but there are so many more open doors than there were ten years ago when I started at my previous job.  Now I can spend hours researching on the computer to find something I feel passionate about. 

Recently, I find myself searching intently for opportunities to work from home.  While this was something I did for a company that allowed me a laptop to work on, it’s a lot different to look for a job with this specific quality as first priority.  And if working at home is something you seek, you must be diligent in evaluating the validity and integrity of the positions to find. 

I have decided I will continue to press on.  I am going to find a way to continue to write.  Whether it’s articles, books or something like site content, it is all appealing to me.  Being able to put my words in print seems to be my ultimate goal.