Ink Stains: An Ebook Review

I’ve told you before about author Lara Zielin when I reviewed her book Donut
. Well, when she asked me to review a new ebook, Ink Stains, which she
compiled with eight other authors, I jumped at the chance. Between these
authors they have more than 25 published books, so it’s only natural that they
would have some great advice to share with other writers.

The career of a writer is often an uncertain one.

Will I ever be published?

Will anyone buy my book?

Is it even worth the effort?

We ask ourselves a million questions and doubt ourselves a
million times. Rejection and criticism can hail down on the delicate surroundings
we’ve built with our words. It’s hard to stay motivated and focused when
there’s a cloud of doubt raining over your thoughts. So, let Ink Stains be your

With each author’s contribution, you’ll gain insight into
dealing with some of the most common worries that writers have. Questions you
may have posed to yourself, they have asked themselves already. Bumps in the
road? They have had the same ones to cross. Topics like the time spent on your
work, how to handle the criticism from editors, writer’s block and even how to
answer the ever-popular question “Am I a writer?” is addressed.

Each entry is told in a conversational tone, so it’s like
you are sitting with the author in a one-on-one interview. All of which are
easy to relate to because these are real people with the same problems every
writer has experienced. Whether you have already published, or this is the
first time you are putting pen to paper, this is a great read.

Ink Stains isn’t a tell-all novel with every tidbit about
writing you have ever wanted to know. It’s a quick read with honest opinions
and personal accounts from published authors. After reading it, you’ll feel a
renewed inspiration for your writings. But make sure you keep it on a nearby
shelf because picking this up every so often for a reread just might do wonders
for your progress.


Look! An Award!

I think I’ve made it
clear how much I love Twitter, right? I mean, without it, who would be reading
this right now? Besides my family….hi, guys!

So, Jana is someone I met
on Twitter who is so much like me that it scares us both. We are always
discovering new things that we have in common that are incredibly weird. To
give you an example of the creepy….my husband and I watched Limitless a few
nights ago and when I tweeted about it, I found out she and her husband were
watching it at the same time.

I love her blog, The Bee’s Knees and
apparently she loves mine because she was sweet enough to include me for the
Butterfly Award!

Ok, so, here are the rules:

1. Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers

Seven things about myself:

1) I can juggle

2) I’m a tea drinker. Nothing fancy, just a nice hot cup of Lipton tea. Sometimes black, sometimes

3) I wish I could ride horses more often.

4) I love Philly sports. I grew up with 1 brother and 3 sisters and we all love sports.

5) I always wanted to have a weeping willow tree in my yard.

6) I’m nuts about movies. I want to watch them and have discussions about them. Old, new, good, crappy, it doesn’t matter.

7) I am a terrible swimmer.


Name your favorite color-
Blue. And green. I love them both equally. Calming and beautiful.  

Name your favorite song-
All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

Name your favorite dessert-
Ice cream. I love ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Yes. That.

What wizzes you off-
Wizzes me off? Um, this is tough because if I give something enough thought, it
stops “wizzing” me off. I could say internet trolls that insist on
insulting everyone, but then after a while I just feel bad for them.  

When you’re upset you-

Take deep breaths. I’m
impulsive, so it’s best to keep myself occupied with breathing so I don’t swear
in front of the kids.  

Your favorite pet-
I love dogs. Maggie is a 6 year old black lab mix that we picked up from a
shelter. She is the sweetest, loviest, happiest thing EVAR. The cat came with
the husband and we have a love/hate relationship. Fish are stupid. I think I
covered that in a previous post.

Black or white-
I’m not really sure what I’m choosing here.  

Your biggest fear-
Heights. Heights give me panicky, dizzying fear. Also, heart palpitations.

Best feature-
My eyes. I’m not sure if I really like my eyes that much, or I’m choosing the
cop out answer.

Everyday attitude-
It changes daily. I like variety. Today could be “Persistence!” Tomorrow may be “Lethargy.”

What is perfection-
The fact that nothing is perfect.

Guilty pleasure-
Too much celebrity news. I try to stay away from the gossip, but really…isn’t it ALL gossip? I think I just gravitate to it because I always wanted to act. Maybe I derive some vicarious satisfaction from it.

Now I’m supposed to award this to 15 ah-mazing people, so, here goes:
















So, there ya have it. Those are 15 of my favorite bloggers. Go check ’em out,
you’ll love ’em too! And thank you so much, Jana, for the award!