Hooray for Monday?

I realize that usually everyone hates Mondays. I’m generally one of them. 

But, this week, I can’t wait for Monday. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for Monday.

Why? What spurred this moment of insanity?


A real, “get dressed nice and go to the office” job. Thanks to a call from a temp agency, I have a new opportunity for the next few weeks. They called last week with an opportunity at a nearby company. One that I had been applying to for the last few months. The company is being bought by another and is in need of a few extra hands to make some changes to their system. After a quick group interview last week, I was approved to start work tomorrow. 

It feels weird. I’m overly excited about it. I already have my outfit picked out. 

I am so thrilled to get to work that I already have these grand plans in my head that I’ll be their star employee and want to hire me for a permanent position. 

Too ambitious? 

Who cares? I’m going to work. And I’m going to work my butt off. Then I shall report back to the Twitterverse to report my success. 

Having a job is something we have all taken for granted at one point or another. Those days when you felt you were beaten down, defeated or just too exhausted. The times that you spent well over 40 hours toiling away even when you weren’t getting paid for it. Even the times that you simply did not feel like getting up in the morning.

But, for those of us who have been searching endlessly for a job and submitting resume after resume only to get another rejection form letter in our email boxes, Monday seems like a pretty good day. 




3 thoughts on “Hooray for Monday?

  1. Thats fantastic Christine.Congratulations.
    I feel your excitement.There is really nothing like
    the mentally stimulation one feels when around a new surrounding,meeting people and feeling alive again in a professional setting..Im sure your little one is going to miss you but the outside of your domain life welcomes your ambition. Have fun and i hope you get what your looking for with the position and that you are appreciated.Personally i probably wouldn’t express myself on the twitterverse about your new work ensemble only because others may not be so intune to you and i’ve heard employers doing really ridiculous things when they see Star Employees FB or Twitter accounts.Im sure you will use caution.
    Its just hard to trust these days.
    Anyways Bravo and i hope this company see’s your potential and the boss is ready for a smart go getter like yourself.
    Good Luck and How about those Flyers !!
    My 35 graduation reunion is in Schuykill County this September! Yeah.Cant wait to suck down a draft Yuengling…
    All the best to the new experience. 😉
    Brett Beaudette

    1. Thanks so much, Brett! I’m hoping for more opportunities to come out of this, but even if not, I’m just so glad to be doing something.

      The Flyers! I hope they can keep it together. And congrats! I would definitely look forward to that Yuengling..nothing like a good local favorite!

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