Brewing a Storm

Recently, I started writing something I didn’t expect to write. I was thinking and my thoughts seemed like an nightmarish movie playing in my head. I wanted to get rid of it so I did what I do to cleanse my thinking palate, I put it on paper….well, sort of. My thoughts poured out out of my fingertips, furiously typing to drain the storm cloud over my head. When I finished, I had what seemed like a few pages of a good idea for a book. 

Rainstorm Over the Sea by John Constable

I tucked it away in my documents folder for another rainy day. It’s been a few weeks and lately I’ve been feeling anxious to work on it. More ideas have been stirring on how to shape it and where it will all lead. The inspiration is brewing, but what I really need is another storm.

Every day brings different emotions in varying depths. Whether I’m up or down or pensive or dreamy shapes how my writing develops. However, never have I intentionally looked for a dark mood to come to create an intensive writing environment. This week will be my trial. In the past few years, I’ve made it a habit to wake up deciding to be happy. So, this week, I’ll decide to be sad. Sad and morbid with my heart heavy.

It’s a path I haven’t taken before, but I’m interested to see its effects on my project and my life. It should be a strange week, but hopefully a productive one.

I’d love some advice from other writers on how you “get in the mood” to write darker pieces.


2 thoughts on “Brewing a Storm

  1. My strategy is to surround myself with things that upset me. It’s not that difficult, since such things seek me out like the last item on a scavenger hunt list. As I continue revising, it’s obvious which sections were written “in the zone” and which sections were written for the sake of moving forward. Music is always the best inspiration for me. When I find that perfect song, I loop it on my iPod and listen to nothing else. But, one thing I’ve found is a song is only useful for so long. I max it out in a day or two.

    I’m glad to see you excited about pursuing a project. Keep me in mind if you ever need a critique session. I’m starting to think about this as I get closer to finishing my second draft.

  2. Music is the best mood creator or enhancer, so I highly suggest getting some dark tunes together. The other thing is to know your characters and setting and story you want to tell very well, so that once you start writing, you quickly get into that mood.

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