Done Waiting

It was 2 weeks ago that I posted about how I need to step up my game. In writing and in life.

So, did I do anything? Am I all talk and no walk?

Yes, I did and no, I’m not.

Wait…you get that, right?

I started with a movie. I took myself to the movies. I went to a matinee to see Hangover 2. There were about ten other people in the theater, so I got to stretch out and get comfortable. (I’d like to add that matinee is prime time because if you heard a whole theater laughing, you may have missed half of the jokes as they were layered in one after another.) While I usually bring my own snacks in my oversized purse….ssshhhh!…this time I bought myself a snack and drink there. Hey, if no one else is gonna splurge on me, why don’t I do it? I spent two hours in worry-free bliss, relaxing and laughing.

A few days later, I treated myself to some new summer clothes. Nothing extravagant, but a few bright colored things from Old Navy perked me up a bit.

This week, I took my kids to the local zoo. Not a big city zoo, but a local one where we can still walk around and enjoy the day outside. The kids had a great time and I was at ease allowing them to run around and watching them ooh and aah at every little creature.

Tuesday. Tuesday was a big day. I took my son to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My quest to spend more time in the city has begun. A bit nervous on the drive in, we made it there with no problem. I only freaked out mildly when I found out I couldn’t park in the usual parking lot in front of the building.


Street parking…ugh. We found a spot, and the bonus? I didn’t have to pay for parking. Score one for me.

And even though the residual effects of the stress tainted my stomach for the next two hours, I managed to suck it up and make the most of the day with my son. We strolled. We admired. We wondered. He received several compliments on his hat; he has a fedora he loves to wear. There’s something elating about seeing your child beam at random compliments. We even marveled at our favorite room…The Armor Room.

All in all, I think I’m on the right track. The past two weeks gave me a boost and I feel like some life has been breathed back into…well…my life. I’m definitely going to take myself to the movies more often. And finding things to do outside with the kids will be a priority, as well. There are a bunch of playgrounds nearby. Maybe that will be next week’s fun.

What are YOU doing to live a little more? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Done Waiting

  1. If I recall correctly, we discussed quite a few months ago about getting out and going to the theater. I still treat myself and I’m so glad to read that you’re on your way to doing the same. Thumbs up chica!
    Now then, I DARE you to eat at a restaurant whose cuisine you’re unfamiliar with. I know you’re tilting on the edge of OCD, but really, it will be fun. Take a girlfriend. I’ll be waiting to read about your experience (I’m assuming that you crossed your arms in defiance and said aloud “Challenge accepted” regarding my dare). #snickers

    1. Yes, we did discuss this! I really wouldn’t mind trying new food at all! The unfortunate thing is, there’s not much around here that fits the bill. But, if I can find some..I’ll gladly try it. A girl can’t live on Mexican food alone, right?

      *crosses arms* CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  2. I love how this post really emphasizes the joy and the life in things that are both accessible and all around us. I think too often people (okay, me) think that you need to do some BIG, HUGE THING in order to LIVE LIFE! Flying to Paris spontaneously, or selling your house and moving to a farm in the country, or deciding to run a thousand miles in one year. While those things have merit for the right person, they’re also … uh, kinda extreme. And so the reminder that a full, awesome life can be found in a quiet movie theater is something I’m grateful to hear. Thanks, Christine.

  3. Hmmm. I’m trying to explore my city a little more, see what’s going on and available. I sent my older son with Grandma for a month, so really enjoying my younger child and his creativity. Of course writing (which means drinking new beers)! I don’t know. I feel like I need to do a little more outdoors. Thanks for the question and I’m gonna think about it.

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