What AM I Waiting For?

I’ve felt a bit stalled. And stale. With my writing and with my life. I’m busy hunting for jobs. I’m running errands and cleaning house. The fun factor is very low right now. Not that life is all games and nonsense, but my personality requires a certain level of me that’s running on empty. And when I feel like this, I gravitate to this:

I was lacking in inspiration last night, and a very cool Twitter friend, Jason, gave me a hand. We played a little word association game to help each other get some ideas going. And in the process, I ended up being inspired by inspiration. The ridiculous word combinations reminded me to have fun with my writing.

I also felt a little push to my outlook on my life, as well. I’ve been feeling like this summer is going to be a big deal for me. Like things are going to happen. Nothing grandiose, but maybe some serious change that will be for the better. I’m also vowing to be more of me. The girl that wants to enjoy what she does whether it’s working, being at home, or going out with friends. Or even by myself. I want to go into the city more…that would be Philadelphia. I realized it’s a shame that I’m not enjoying what the city has to offer when it’s so close. Maybe I’ll get over that whole “I hate driving in the city” thing.

I want to write more. I want to have a good balance of work coming in that will include jobs that allow me to use my personality to enhance my writing. I’d like to pick up a gig as an advice columnist. I give a lot of advice. And it’s usually well appreciated. I have an ability to talk to people and see a problem from every angle. Maybe even start my own advice page to see how it goes.

So, off into the wild blue yonder…errr…interwebs? I go! And then into the yonder stuff. I’m not waiting any longer.


6 thoughts on “What AM I Waiting For?

  1. you can’t miss Philadelphia any longer! It must be so interesting! I’d love to have an opportunity to go there! xoxo
    Advise away!

  2. I hardly ever take advantage of the city. I love it, but as you know, it’s such a pain to get down there. I still don’t understand why we need a home equitty loan to afford a few hours in the parking garage.

    I had the job guilt this morning, and I actually started searching. But, after 20 minutes, I got disgusted. I feel like I’m searching for something that doesn’t exist. I want to write. I need a job. And if, for now, the two don’t coincide, then I think the job needs to at least make me happy. I think I’m going through one of my “I miss teaching” phases.

    1. Oh, the parking. It kills me. And sadly, I’d rather give up my arm to park in a garage then try to parallel park. Really, it’s not a pretty sight..and it would only anger the 20 people behind me waiting for me to get out of their way.

      And I hate to tell you, but the job hunting has become a full time job in itself for me. I can give you a few links to some good freelancing sites to check out if you like. I’ll email them to you. I am totally with you on just doing something that makes you happy. Writing makes me happy. Researching, giving advice, blogging…it’s all a big pile of happy to me. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the inspirational note, I know that it may take a bit of time to get things on the same track that you would like to have them on but your persistence will prove to be the prevailing factor.

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