My Very First Giveaway!

I met Lara Zielin on Twitter some time ago and found out quickly how easy it is to like her. She is always sweeter than the donuts she loves and giggly as a teenage girl. This is obviously a winning combination for a Young Adult author. However, I wondered, should I pick up her book? At the time, I was struggling with whether or not I should be reading YA novels since I am, sadly, no longer a young adult. After blogging about rereading A Wrinkle In Time, I realized it would be more ridiculous to NOT read her book.

So, I read it. AND, I loved it. And because Lara is so superfabulous, she offered to give away a copy of Donut Days to a commenter on my blog! *happy dance*

Now don’t go hopping straight down to comment! At least read what it’s about first…geez…you guys are so impatient.

Emma is an aspiring journalist hoping to win a scholarship from a local newspaper so she can attend a non-Christian university, which is against her parents’ wishes. The neighborhood debut of Crispy Dream, a popular donut shop chain, is the topic of her story, along with the people camping out for days in anticipation of its opening. However, the events that have been occurring in her parents’ church threaten to distract her away from everything she’s working for. While she’s spending time at the camp, her mother’s minister status is being questioned because of a supposed prophecy made by a member of the church. On top of it all, Emma’s best friend has turned on her and is now hanging out with the daughter of the man who made the prophecy that started it all.

Lara has created a novel that is easy to love. The major events are not your typical teenage problems, but they are framed by the common issues of friend betrayal, growing up and falling in love. The combination makes for a relatable, page turning story. The characters are well developed; it’s not hard to endear to Emma and her family within the first few pages. And with Emma narrating, you are placed in her shoes, feeling her frustration of what has happened. This is not an action packed book, but Lara keeps from lingering in one spot too long, which avoids any lulls in the story line. And when it comes to Emma’s love interest, it’s simple and promising. I loved every inch of this book. Every word and every page had my full attention. I’m sure you will, too.

Ok, NOW you can go comment! Leave me a comment and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner of the book on Friday, May 21.   


10 thoughts on “My Very First Giveaway!

  1. Its great to see young adults taking on the task of book
    writing.The church issue bothers me as we r a free country with freedom and rights.However its the desire
    to become independent that i like.
    Church people get a little obsessed about others lives.
    But i believe thats what happens when you give 10% or more of your money to ur church.
    I applaud this young artist/writer/journalist for thinking
    outside the box and moving forward.
    Besides i follow @christinemarie on twitter so anything she does is holden in my book.
    Maybe my 17 year old would love to read this book as inspiration.

    1. This is actually of the Young Adult genre of books. And yes, I think your 17 year old would love it! The church issue is not at all a pushy topic in the book. It’s more of part of the chain of events. There’s no religion issues. The problem for the minister parents surrounds an untrustworthy member of the church board. Keep in mind, I’m trying to explain this without giving too much away. lol!

      And thank you for the compliments! 🙂

  2. You know I never pass up an opportunity to read a YA book. I have not heard of this one but will be checking it out. It’s hard finding the new YA Contemporary titles, as they are camouflaged between the plethora of Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Urban Fantasy,.

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