I Got New Ears for Christmas

I hope everyone’s holidays were as good as mine this year.  With each passing year, I feel like I have learned to appreciate everything and everyone a little bit more.  There’s been a lot of warm and fuzzy going on.

Aside from the great gifts from my loved ones, one gift I realized I was given was a set of new ears.  Apparently, the old ones were dull and worn through, so the new ones have been hooked up and are receiving in digital surround sound.

When I talk to anyone face to face, movies, shows, commercials, radio programs and any words I hear are affecting me in new ways. Velvety tones wrapping my ears in warmth.  The pitter patter of witty banter on a comedy dance around my head.  Long, winding, heartfelt conversations pour their emotions into the innermost canals. 

I find myself being affected by all the different ways words can shape and shift.  I am listening much more intently than I ever have before.  The way people use words to evoke certain feelings.  For some reason, I feel like I only paid attention when I was listening to music or reading a book.  But, this month, I finally started to think about the spoken word as I heard it.  Processing it like a translator to help me enjoy it more. 

Between communicating with other writers, reading more and my own writing, my eyes AND ears have been opened so wide.  It has even contributed to me growing appreciation of all things around me.  It makes me wonder if I have been walking around with blinders on.  How have I not seen and heard the way I am doing right now?  And does this mean that it’s only going to get better from here? 

Sounds to me like the best Christmas present ever.


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