Your Blog Is Killing My Creativity

Aside from the holidays dragging me kicking and screaming from my laptop, I’m having a hard time staying focused on blogging.  Why?  Because your blog is killing my creativity. 

I currently have 83 blogs listed in my favorites.  I’m following another 30-some from my BlogSpot page. 


So, I’ve devised a plan.  You can all stop being so witty and interesting and I will get on with my life.  Mmmkay?

No? Ok, then listen…I have a Plan B.  I will promise to read your blogs when I can and you can be satisfied with knowing that I love it.  There’s too many of you.  I could probably spend hours reading your posts, clicking all your pages and buttons.  Not to mention, it’s very humbling to read other people’s blogs and find yourself laughing out loud or completely wrapped up in a display of gorgeous photos.  It makes you wonder “what is so special about my blog?”

In a way, I suppose, it’s encouraging me to write differently and learn how to stand out from what I’m reading.  So, you might be helping to make me better…bully for you.  I’m still a little mad at you, though.  My eagerness to read your blog is constantly whispering in my ear, “oh, just go look at that one.  It’ll only be one.” 

And I say, “You lie!  You know you will find more links, more pages, more wonderful little tidbits to read for ‘one more minute’.  Then I’ll be sitting here wondering why there’s still so much laundry and the dishes aren’t done.”

So, stop it.  Stop being clever.  Stop being so awesome.  Just stop it all!

Then I can continue my writing and get on with this as a career.  You do want me to work, don’t you? 


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