Get Inspired

Trying to get inspired is proving to be more tough than I thought it would be.  I’ve been exploring different television shows and movies attempting to stimulate my mind visually.  Reading new books in any topic to spark my imagination.  I have even engulfed myself in decorating our new home to get my creativity flowing again.  The good news is, my mind has flooded with ideas.  The bad news, I don’t know what to do with them all. 

I am definitely well aware of my interests, but I am having difficulty deciding how to focus them.  I love the entertainment industry, enjoy the evolution of fashion, follow current trends, I even did stand up comedy once.  Now, how do I mix this with writing?  Do I try to become a critic?  Write analytical pieces on the latest happenings?  It would be opinionated and hopefully quick witted.  How about a book?  I also love design and organization topics.  I am an excellently smart shopper and could provide insightful tips on how to purchase items that are not only right for you, but how to save money doing it.  Then again, I have quite a bit of accumulated advice about how to live a happy life.

Where do I go from here?  Gather multiple writings about multiple topics?  With the social media world developing so fast, I could use that to promote my writings.  My biggest question is, how to find a singular direction?  And quite frankly, do I have to decide singularly?  How do you break into an industry that requires experience and extensive credentials?  With any luck, I’ll find an unlocked door to stick my foot in.  I truly believe that everyone should be able to do what they love.  Every person should be able to wake up in the morning and look forward to working.


One thought on “Get Inspired

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am trying to write some articles for Trade Journals, just to break into Freelance Writing, and I am stumped. I have about 1,000 words of one article done, and all the Journals I have looked at in Writer’s Market, what the article to be at least 2,000 words long… But hey we can do it. I have faith, just write, grab a copy of Writer’s Market if you don’t have one yet, and go for it. Good Luck, I know you can succeed.

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