A Few of My Favorite Things

I am surprised to admit that spring cleaning is actually an enjoyable experience for me.  Here are a few things that I look forward to during and after the clean up:

1.  Replacing flannel sheets with lighter linens.  Slipping into them at night feels cool and comfortable as the heat turns up outside.

2.  Opening all the windows in the house.  There’s nothing like fresh air blowing in to make you breathe in a little deeper.

3.  Cleaning out my car.  Giving the windows and interior a thorough cleaning almost makes it feel new again.

4.  Getting rid of clutter for a yard sale.  What’s better?  More space, or the thought of a little cash in your pocket? 

5.  Giving the dog a bath.  Let’s face it, she may be cute, but she’s kinda smelly. 

Spring is always related to renewal and I truly believe the warm fresh air does wonders for our winter cabin fevers.  I know the minute I can open the windows in the house, I feel like new life has been brought into my home and my family.  It’s as refreshing as walking out on a warm day to feel the sun on your face and a light breeze at your back.


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