Don’t read this post?

I started this blog thinking I would use it as a pseudo-diary plus chance to stretch out my writing legs.  I’ve only written a few posts and I’m sad to say I think my sister is the only one reading them…hey, sis! 

It’s funny when you think that you’ll start something that no one will see, yet you get disappointed when no one sees it.  Why is that?  Why do we torture ourselves with the reverse psychology that never works?  I sit here typing away thinking if I put this title on the post, someone will read it.  Right?  No.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’m certainly not writing in it enough to keep steady interest.  I’m definitely not writing anything eyecatching.  Just a slow trickle of forced writing that has nothing to do with anything.  So, why should anyone read it? 

And above all else, I think I’m trying too hard to avoid being offensive or brash so that any potential employers may  not look down upon my writing or my opinions.  Maybe I just need to stop being so cautious and just write.  I’ve spent too many years fitting in to other people’s boxes.  I can’t get fired, I’m already unemployed!  And when I find a job, I want to be hired for the person I am as a whole.  I know how to be a great employee, that was never a problem. 

All I want to do here is write.  Whether that means a page, or a poem, or a line.  Whether it’s every week or every day.  There’s no reason for me to censor my own thoughts and opinions here for anyone else’s benefit because no one is reading it. 

Comments?  Anyone?


2 thoughts on “Don’t read this post?

  1. Thought I’d give you your first comment. 🙂

    Don’t be discouraged. It takes a while. And you have to continually advertise your blog and read and comment on other blogs. Eventually people find you.

    And yeah, you’re right. You have to write something others are interested in. Your writing is good, so keep at it. And keep reading other blogs like yours to see how others do it and draw readers in.

  2. I like what Coreen said, and I agree your writing is good, and I am the same way, I wonder why no one reads my blog, but hey it’ll happen, I actually think I have about three comments, and two are from someone’s blog I visited first, so they checked mine out and came back. Have faith, and patience, and it will all work on in the end.

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