Count your blessings

In my adult years, I have become much more appreciative of the life I have.  I may not be a millionaire, or have a job, or know how to pay off the credit card debt that never seems to disappear, but I do have one thing that seems to be in short supply these days.  My sanity.

Sure, it’s been tested.  It’s been brought to the edge and back over the years.  But never once has it abandoned me.  In one week’s time, a woman denied tenure at a university stood up at a meeting and opened fire on her colleagues.  Then today, a man upset with the IRS, set fire to his home and flew a small plane into an office building. 

These are not people who just snapped in a moment of panic.  The professor loaded that firearm and took it with her to her teaching job at a university.  And unless she feared for her life on a daily basis, she had put some planning into this.  The pilot, who built up years of rage and frustration, posted a suicide note online.  He set his house on fire.  Then is when he started up the plane for his big finale.  What could have saved these people from taking such drastic measures to be heard?  These are only two cases of so many that we know have occured over the years.

How are people coming to the conclusion that this is the way to solve it all?  My confusion increases with each new story that occurs.  People with families, friends and a seemingly good life just throw it all away so haphazardly.   

I count my blessings for being lucky enough to survive one more day without having been a part of another newsworthy tragedy.  I am thankful for my sanity to which I cling so dearly.  Even on my worst day, it proves to be my one true anchor.


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